Altered States of Consciousness

I’ve been interested in various states of consciousness for a long time. I’m interested because I am unwilling to ignore the strange stutters in consensus or accepted reality that many people label “coincidence.” Between 1997 and 1999, I was involved with a group of people interested in exploring dreams, the symbolic language in dreams, and the real life impact dreams have upon our lives. We met every week for two years.

During these two years, strange incidents occurred among us for which no common explanation was ever found. For instances, eight of us met one evening and five of us reported that we rode a  bicycle in our dream. None of the five even owned bicycles. Another time, a woman in the group had a dream where she and I are together. We are listening to a man talk who is up on a stage and she turns to me and says, “What did he say, Martha?” and then she awoke.  She told me about this dream and the next night I am in her dream and she turns to me and says, “What did he say, Martha?” The next time we meet I was able to tell her the man said. “Together we stand like children before the Divine and wonder at the powers of love.”

During this time I came to the conclusion that consciousness is not restricted to our physical bodies and consciousness is not limited to linear time. The rules of normal reality apply only to those who believe they are real. In other words, we build our own prison walls.

When I first began using social media, I didn’t notice anything unusual at first. But as time passed and I began connecting with more people, I noticed strange telepathic happenings occur. I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed these psychic shocks and would appreciate hearing from others on this topic.

So here is my question : Could it be that when we enter the world of social media, the mind drifts out of the body, just as it does it the dream state? If this is true perhaps what we’ve created with The Internet is an extension of the collective unconscious. Furthermore, if we’ve created a working sub-station of the collective unconscious, then the impossible could be waiting right around the  next corner. Unfortunately, not everyone will notice or care.

copyright © 2013 Martha Fawcett