Buddha Nature


I sat on the floor in a meditative posture with her body across my lap. Holding her tiny head in the palm of my hand, I gave her my complete love in the form of energy. She opened her eyes, but was unable to focus on my face. “You are a complete miracle,” I whispered to her. “You can hear me—can’t you?” I held her against my heart so she could feel its beating and I could synchronize my rhythm to hers. I told her things, knowing her greater consciousness could hear.

Let us be Now in this stillness together. We can sit inside alien chaos, our Buddha nature seeking the preeminence of a forgotten home. We have passed through unknowable darkness, not knowing how we arrived with nothing but questions pursed upon our lips. So far from home, what can we know of this place or ourselves? Who will share our vision and be our intimates?

Nova spoke clearly through the black diamond le (he/she) left inside me. Life is a gift. Gifts are for opening, sharing, and remembering. Open your gifts so this child might see that she is truly blessed. Give her your treasures of love and your rich legacy of intricate passion. Prove to her that she is an honored guest at a banquet prepared expressly for her. Demonstrate how to love from inside direct experience and how to fuel the flame inside her heart. Show her these experiences are precious and sacred and that our gods travel with us. Let her know that love is active and effusive, that it dances and leaps for joy, can move in unexpected ways, and can soak her in ecstatic bliss. Show her that love is ruthless, forever curious, and that passion loves truth above all else. Give her the tools to connect with truth in the most empathic way she can. Explain that to connect with truth empathetically is to connect with it on every level of consciousness, from the sub-atomic level to the stillness at The Source. Do all that my love and Lotus Blossom will fulfill herself.


from, The Permeable Web of Time by Martha Fawcett, copyright 2014