I’m from The Midwest; Let’s talk about the Weather

“I’m feeling this Toledo scene,” said Cle. “It’s quaint. I often wondered what it would be like to live on a planet with natural light and organic atmosphere. It’s probably a lot to deal with—all the seasonal transitions. I’ve noticed that people that live on organic planets seem overly concerned about their weather. Even when the weather is mild, the topic of weather is so pervasive that when I talk to friends on Delphi, Delta Urbana, and Urania, they give me weather reports right after saying hello. They seem to use weather as seques to getting around to saying what they want to say. They always keep me guessing. If the weather is stormy on Urania—does that mean my friend Roget is about to tell me bad news? Are you a weather aficionado, Hi?”img461

Except from, Together: Book II of the Janaforma Trilogy.




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