Who am I?

Who am I?
I am you looking back at me.
We-loo, we-loo yu-a.
Who are you?
You are me looking back at you.
We-loo, we-loo, yu-a
Who are we?
We are a mirror.
We-loo, we-loo, yu-a
Who is the mirror?
The mirror is illusion.
We-loo, we-loo, yu-a.
Who is the illusion?
The illusion is nothing.
We-loo, we-loo, yu-a.

Katmandu, Nepalcopyright 2014, Martha Fawcett

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I wonder if that’s a certain kind of mudra he’s using? Does anyone know what it means? I do know that several cultures take the regular ‘okay’ sign (with fingertips touching) as an insult (implying sodomy), but here he has his index finger alongside his thumb.

    Otherwise, great sentiments!

    • I am unsure what the symbol meant when I took several pictures of him. I also know the way he has his face painted connects him to a certain Hindu sect or god. He was begging; as you can see, he was carrying a small copper pot. I wanted to photograph him because he seemed so gentle and his face was filled with love.

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