Awake Great Mother!

Coral reefs slumber beneath the seas
like the profiles of long, elegant women.
Hidden there, the scattered shells
of siren’s voices still remember Her name.
Once, severed from Her by the steely blades of titans,
reason wore her shells ‘round their ears like two rigid teacups,
while tossing Her pearls back into the sea.

Awake Great Mother!
Open your sea-indigo eye to me
An inspirit my life with your eye for beauty.

Rise ancient sirens!
Sing Her songs
And She will echo “I love you” through russling leaves.

Let’s celebrate Her like lovers,
like children, dancing on Her beaches
with Her infinite sand between our toes.

Oh Mother One
of understanding,
tear off my rags of denial
so I may run naked into your sea.
Teach me the salt of You.

The murmuring Om:
the silent mystery behind Her sings—
Love’s meaning is hidden within you.

Martha Fawcett (copryright 2012)

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