In the year 5711, galactic archeologists discover an ancient and undecipherable text in excavations below the New Delphi Crystal. The text called, The Zaqurlite Manuscript is believed to be the key to the origins of humankind. No one can interpret the ancient text until Chiron, a young Janaforma lifebearer, with genetically enhanced language skills, begins to unravel the mysteries hidden in the text.

Chiron, an Oxford graduate student, is a uniquely gifted individual. At nineteen bio-years of age, she can learn any new language and its dialects in a few days time. Guaranteed a job when she graduates, she believes her future is cast in stone and that her life will be boring. Not until her personal life begins to unravel, right along with the fabric of the physical universe, does Chiron realize the strength of her freewill.

For centuries, cosmologists had warned that rifted-type spacecraft were thinning the fabric between dimensions. Not until the Orion Spur was littered with black holes and strange and hideous creatures came flying out of the fourth dimension do politicians admit the truth.

Caught in the wake of this continuing apocalyptic chaos, Chiron meets Parizade Géon, a Tyrowsian biodroid. Together they will struggle to survive the continuing annihilation of the Orion Spur. They will face many challenges, but none as fearsome as the winged creatures Géon calls the Veda kec Drone (“the eternal devourers”; language, Cuneate).

THE PERMEABLE WEB OF TIME: Sequel I to the Janaforma Trilogy

 Permeable6z4-Web-MediumSimon Forma, creator of the Janaforma, combined and modified the Human and Tyrowsian genome to create the prototypical Janaforma race. Now, in its fifteenth generation, the Janaforma remain robust and adaptable and they take joy in their sexual triadic natures where one can be born, not as a male or female, but as a lifegiver, livebearer, or consort. Their lives continue to be guided by their 3C gene, which manifests through the Janaforma as the sacred principals of Community. To the Janaforma, Community is an undeniable space within each soul, a synergistic mélange of altruism, self-sacrifice, and loyalty.

Jana Sante is a Janaforma lifegiver and gifted psychic that lives aboard the starship, La Ventana. At 27 bio-years of age, Sante’s fears are visceral as le (he/she) grapples with the responsibility of knowing too much. When Sante meets the brilliant and charismatic consort, Miro Rugen, Sante senses big changes are brewing in the Orion Spur. A few hours later, the enigmatic Evose Bogwa arrives aboard La Ventana and begins making many demands on Sante’s psychic prowess. These demands will lead Sante on a mind-altering and transformational journey through The Permeable Web of Time.

Please activate your seat restraints. We’re seconds from lift-off.

 DANCE OF THE WARRIOR AND WITCH: Prequel to the Janaforma Trilogy

DanceWarriorWitch-Web Large

What are the cosmic forces that draw people together? Is it a karmic dance of yin and yang? Or, is it the yearning within each soul that longs to heal the ills of the past?

When the Gathosian beauty, Iosobell, joins the order of Trinity Witches, her psychic skills astound her tutor, Sister Viobella.  Four years later, mentors and peers alike assume that Iosobell will continue her studies on New Delphi and become a high priestess; however, she shocks everyone and accepts a modest position as a music teacher on the small, Headwater planet of Sutcay Tay.

Élan is 15 years old when he first kneels before the Shardasko master, Kyron, and begs for acceptance into the Sutcay Tay School. Intrigued with the possibilities of mentoring a Human, Kyron accepts Élan as a neophyte. Now, Élan is 22 years old and prepared to undergo the final life-and-death test of a Shardasko warrior, the quarrying.

When Élan and Iosobell meet, the skills of a warrior and the cunning of a witch will join forces in an attempt to alter the course of reality. The ramifications of their encounter are so enormous that even these two advanced beings cannot predict what the final outcome may be.



AloneBaseFile - CopyRight before monsoon season, fabulous auroras are a common occurrence on the Southern Continent of Euterpe. Monsoons were late this year and the air felt hot, stagnant, and brittle dry. Mellé stood next to her bedroom window watching the blue and indigo auroras slither across the sky. When she heard a screaming sound, she assumed it was from the alert sirens that warn of imminent meteor showers in the area. She was mistaken. What Mellé heard was the screaming of two light entities, one blue and one indigo, as they merged at the exact midpoint of her brain. A moment later, she gazed down at the energetic partygoers frolicking in her perfectly manicured lawn and saw the party in new light. El Cantar was but an empty dream.

Where do we go to make peace with our inner truth and how long does it take to find it?

For Mellé, the initial path is inward. She escapes to space and does not emerge for eighty-one years. When circumstances force her to reengage with the living at the Embargo Space Station, she finds herself in a different time and place and an untested convert to truth. Life is harder and more confusing now; but with the blue and indigo lights shining out through her eyes, she will respond with love in her heart and discover the best parts of herself.


Together-Web-MEDIUMLife is difficult in the “genetically-correct,” world of the future, especially when society labels you a “Casual.” The Earthbound Casual, Jane Hibernia Smith, lives in a reconditioned space pod on the Southern banks of Lake Erie. She is lucky enough to have a job as a Stellar Cartographer at Atlas Map Company; nevertheless, she hates her job and hates her life.

On the cold winter evening of February 28, Hibernia finds herself in a Toledo bar called the Pink Slipper. Sometime after 11:00 pm, a dark and swishy Trinity Witch, named Bell, enters the bar and offers to read Hibernia’s tarot. The reading is extraordinary, but by now Hibernia is tipsy and does not seem to notice. Bell gestures at two cards with a red-lacquered nail and tells Hibernia, “The Tower has fallen and you stand unshielded, perhaps for the first time in your life. The Wheel whispers as it turns, telling me that your future awaits. It will lift you up and take you with it….”

Hibernia awakens the following morning to a braver part of herself. It is February 29, 2662 and as the sunset begins to consume Eastern Europe, we find Hibernia aboard a space shuttle bound for Earth’s moon. A few hours later, she meets Sante and Cle, two genetically engineered humanoids who call themselves, “The Janaforma.” Now her life truly begins.


Elay is a Janaforma lifebearer who is brilliant, beautiful, and deeply passionate. Her surrogate mebr (or lifebearer parent) brought Elay to life from genetic potential stored in a cryogenic vault three hundred years before either of them was born.

Elay is now 22 years old and a citizen of the great starship, La Ventana, which is returning from its Square of Pegasus Mission. In the Janaforma timeframe, La Ventana departed Orion space 354 years earlier, but in the Spur timeframe, La Ventana has been missing for 3,000 years. Nobody within the Orion Spur remembers The Janaforma or ever heard of the Square of Pegasus Mission, but all that is about to change when a Janaforma consort, named Bejan, discovers a drug called Regression, which allows the taker to explore past lives.

At the crossroads of becoming and self-creation, the question always comes: Who am I and why am I here?

The frigid indifference of space was nothing new to the Janaforma; yet 130 years earlier, something extraordinary occurred that shook the foundations of their mission. La Ventana was as far out in this galaxy as any Spur ship ever attempted to travel. Fifty light-years this side of Enif, roughly 780 light-years from the Orion Spur neighborhood, fear erupted aboard for which no causal link could ever be discovered. The problem hit so suddenly and profoundly that within hours, the entire crew was paralyzed. Premonitions of doom degenerated into a hysterical terror that beyond our galaxy was a vortex capable of sucking La Ventana into the void. Then, in a simultaneous flash of intuitive revelation, every person aboard sensed the physical limits of space. A few hours later, the great starship made an180-degree turn and set course for the Orion Spur.

130 years later, the story begins as Elay anticipates this homecoming…

copyright © 2014 Martha Fawcett