“Meaning directs the warrior’s path…”
Kyron La Teeair Forma, Shardasko master

Welcome to the Janaforma Bibliodexteritas. Bibliodexteritas sites are evolving memory repositories that become more valuable with time. The primary function of any bibliodexteritas is to answer questions on any topic that takes a visitor’s fancy. Creators and curators of these sites usually are sentient non-physical lifeforms who live inside the programs. Most have honor built into their prime directive so they take pride in teaching, mentoring, and sometimes acting as interactive coaches. I’ve been inside some bibliodexteritas sites, on the planet Wonder World, which are extraordinarily sophisticated. Some offer life-like holographic theatres a visitor can enter and explore along with a personally designed escort.

The Janaforma Bibliodexteritas is here to answer questions pertaining to the many unique cultures within the Orion Spur from the Janaforma perspective. Check the glossaries in the languages of Cuneate, J’hop, Kulupan Prime, Mescale, and Universal which cover background information on each language, plus words, phrases, colloquialisms. 

Cuneate Language Glossary

Cuneate is the native tongue of Tyrowsians originally from the Lalande System in Daleth Sector of the Orion Spur. After the destruction of Pybatium, forty-five thousand Tyrowsian adolescents and children migrated to new homes and planets within the Spur. Within two generations, their numbers grew to over a million. Despite Tyrowsian proliferation, Cuneate rapidly diminished in common usage because of its limited tense structure. When a Tyrowsian referred to the past or future, options were few and speakers needed to resort to Latur. Latur refers to the subtle hand and body gestures Tyrowsians use to complete a thought. Latur has many confusing, conflicting, and over-lapping levels; everyone knows some Latur, only the highly educated used Latur well while the elite used Latur with nuances as a clandestine code. When push met shove, Cuneate and its adjunct Latur got the squeeze because it could not compete with the precision of Universal or the eloquence of Mescale.

Words & Expressions

etnna Hataeasta – into the now, contemporary meaning, “Let’s get on with it.”

fehtau – first bird, approximate word in Universal, “captain.”

fisetuss –  “flying fur,” used as a curse word by Tyrowsians as an indication of exasperation.

gopha – Uropean colloquialism meaning, “torchlight” or “lantern.”

Gopha – One of the two moons orbiting the planet Uropae in the Golden Islands of Paradise System. Every twenty-eight days, Gopha passes between Uropae and the planetoid Sasaybin. During that time, Gopha appears as a large blood-orange spot on the surface of Sasaybin from the surface of Uropae. The nighttime sky is shades of orange and red and everyone goes to the beaches for communal outings that feature bonfires made of dried peat, music, feasting, and the seductive ambiance of dancing in Gopha’s red moonlight.

Haserod et turpa –  sound is dying, idiomatic, “words fail me.”

Hataeastaproper noun, Hataeasta originated with a Tyrowsian sect on the planet Herzayzen during its fifth millennium and eventually became the core philosophy on the planet Herzayzen and then Pybatium. The principle tenet is a belief in, “only the present,” which is reduced to the familiar statement, hataeasta or “only now.”

The original aim of the Hataeasta Cult was transcendental, their purpose to strive for experience both in the past and the future and bring those experiences into a cohesive philosophy that would effect the present, or Now. Most Tyrowsians remained Hataeasta fundamentalists; but Hataeasta so influences Tyrowsian culture that eventually lexicographers purged the Cuneate language of its past and futures tenses. References to past and future became verboten in public and a new language of subtle hand and body movements developed, called Latur. Latur was a type of fast-moving and ever-changing means of communication that was always one step ahead of the Language Control Board. 

abu gut I love you

akaka -a term of endearment for one’s father, similar in meaning to the Universal word “papa.”

binnies – literally, “children.”  Binnies is an architectural term referring to the secondary sections of a Tyrowsian dwelling. A lass is the center or front section and the binnies sit on either side and arch out and away from the lass.

bhti-eene  central control

chort  immature, the inference being that a person is immature and therefore, not responsible. This term is usually applied to Tyrowsians under the age of forty bio-years of age.

ditcitra – a stubby, pen-like device for writing Cuneate by hand.

jud’ilk – a long loose gown, made of  Naiven Silk (produced by the Loppolaidia Trade Camps of the Bangalshanker Nations), a silk lighter in weight than Earth silk and usually worn over loose pants. This is the favored outfit of both male and female Tyrowsians.

lass – the front or center section of a Tyrowsian dwelling.

qualmerrie – Without the open-hand gesture of Latur, qualmerrie is a simple expression of greeting, but with the Latur, qualmerrie takes on the deeper meaning of, “I accept you without preconceived prejudice.” Tyrowsians use the word qualmerrie, along with the open-handed Latur, at the start of new ventures.

rattha –  the convergence of now and future.

ra tukcah – good morning (one of the first expressions to be publicly banned by the Language Control Board).

sasaybin – primal wilderness

Sasaybin – a planetoid orbiting Uropae

shamati – to cleanse as in “to menstruate.”

secot – secure as in  “function complete.” 

teaber gut – you love

veth-puna secot – landing gasket secure

waterie – is the tugging of our heartstrings when faced with the fleeting Now, a feeling of loss over what cannot be recreated. Waterie is the reaction of the soul to the truth that nothing exists to hand onto.

zlit – to link, current slang usage, “to fuck.”


J’hop Language Glossary

J’hop is the native language of Ganats from the planet Calypso in the Heat System. J’hop is difficult for non-Ganats to speak. However, in places like Newton’s Old Town on the planet Calypso and on the Western Continent of Bangalashaker, where many Ganats fled after the Tyrowsian invasion, J’hop still predominates. Ganats have a keen sense of smell and since senses strongly influence language, many Ganat words contain references to smell and the ability to discriminate through smell.

Words & Expressions

clemitsee – A Calypso dung beetle. When Ganats call someone a clemitsee, it’s intended as a definite insult, the inference being, “shit eater.”

graey– smell of death

jhap biscuits – Ganat baybairns prepare jhap biscuits for special guests and use the biscuits in their “ignition ceremonies.” The recipe usually features some kind of high protein gain flour, fatty goat’s milk, a spice such as cinnamon, and the baybairin’s special concoction of  “blue powder,” which the baybairn prepares new for each season. The blue powder always has psychotropic effects. Those beings with genetically enhanced smell receptors seem to enjoy j’hap biscuits the most.

mana – odorless or vague 

mlin – rigid with fear

premis o yant – penis and testicles

pursense – The ability to make the correct judgment about a situation by the way it smells. Pursense is part of the Ganat genetic code and a fully developed sense in Ganat children as young as four bio-years of age. Ganats consider Ganat children handicapped if their pursense fails to emerge.

premis – nose

Pym – the goddess of memory

waterie – The feeling within the body when faced with the reality of the fleeting Now, a feeling of loss over what cannot re recreated. Waterie is the reaction of the soul to the truth that nothing exists that we can hang onto.

zaygut – lights out

Zepifrum – an ancient oral epic held as sacred by Ganats and the basis of their philosophical story. The opening words of the Zeprifrum are, “Beyond the cold, let me go to the warmth of the Great Beyond.  Let me wait beside the nest of Goddess Red Moon for Baybairn’s play. Inside their Great Black heat, their love will kindle us into One Flame….”

Kulupan Prime Glossary

Kulupan Prime is considered the oldest language spoken by humanoids in the Orion Spur. Kulupan Prime is millions of years old and is the proto-language of all languages spoken throughout the Triborian System, the Damarian Worlds of the J’feith Archepelago System, and the Allied Kulupan Worlds. Although spoken by billions of individuals today, current evidence shows that Kulupan Prime orginated on the world of Old Ulsha Branmanth between six and ten million years ago.

words & expressions   

burdandi – a tree that grows in the uplands hills regions of the planet Iumman, especially associated with regions where gloven shepherds roam.

Call of The Wanderer – An ancient song sung by gloven shepherds on the Damarian planet, Iumman. “Mat-cuday, mati-cuday, jahalaped-a-salamic, jao, jao, jao. En nos spiratus et moman. Mati cuday, filay a laped a salamic saneratu in perarotu. Jao.” Translation, “Desert breeze, desert breeze, hiding footsteps of wanderers, away, away, away. Spirit must be as smoke. Desert breeze is now bringing the footsteps of your wanderer to your ready soul, away.”

coluct – the direct reaction to an action.

gloven – a grass eating ungulate-marsupial that looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a llama. They are common animals within the J’feith Archipelago System.

keth – rolling hills

Pa – 1. The primeval force that created this universe. 2. The sex act.

saneratu – an unhampered soul

Saneratu wanderer – Kulupans, Damarians, and Ploorn believe they incarnate many times until an impulse within them forces them to climb their native “steep” and join their greater wanderer. When the two join, they become a Saneratu wanderer, free to roam spacetime and other dimensions.

satorine – opportunity/responsibility. A word used primarily by Damarian Cultures to suggest a need to reconcile the unrequited margin of past lives by bringing those lives into the consciousness of the complete self.

scribeo dida Kulupa Prime qst a babeo – I write Kulupan Prime better than I speak it.

setric – a person gifted with an ability to communicate spiritual confidence.

shoratory – ambivalent blindness

slaf – a molecular reinforcing agent invented by scientists on the planet Ploorn, in the Triborian System, and used in space for emergency repairs.

steep –  steeps are natural occurring rock formations on many planets throughout the Triborian System, the Damarian Worlds, and the Allied Kulupan Worlds. Steeps reached their zenith around six billion years ago when these planets were cooling and high winds whipped the primordial ooze into cones that spiraled straight up into the sky. Geological cosmologists estimate that steeps have diminished in height by well over half; however, some taller steeps on the planet Iumman still reach 120 meters in height.

tace – predestination, specifically, “the odds of a person repeating the same behavior based on past behavior.

woiyeva – forgetfulness, based on an immature inability to take responsibility for one’s actions. Similiar in meaning to the Cuneate word chort, which means immature and therefore not responsible.  The difference is in the inference. In Kulupan Prime, woiyeva suggests a character flaw and in Cuneate, chort is used as an excuse.

yeva – a particular form of remembering. Kulupans and Damarians believe that the recalling of information is the reattaching of errants parts of the self, which they’ve lost along the way.

 Mescale Language Glossary

Mescale is the native language of The Island Worlds of Gathos, Apollo Muse Gathering, Delphi Worlds, Trujillo System, and Aeternus Complex, which makes Mescale the most widely used language within the Orion Spur. Mescale has been in extensive use for over 90,000 years, producing great works of literary art that are still available today. Spoken Mescale, has a soft fluidity that is pleasing to the ear. Because of the longevity of the language, generations upon generation have refined Mescale so even the subtlest of thoughts can find expression.

Words & Expressions

areé didamé – balancing time. Areé didamé is a phenomenon occurring only on the Headwater planet of Sutcay Tay. When the moon Eno rises an hour before dawn, light is infused with a green radiance. Toward dawn, the green light fades as the first sun Retegot dominates the sky. Gathosian call this green-light time of Eno “balancing time,” and it is their time to mediate before the day begins. 

afen – peace, or peace be with you.

Afen Comet – Afen is a misnomer for this petulant comet. Ancient Gathosians hoped they might appease the elemental spirits with kind words and positive thoughts. Along this line, the Afen Comet sometimes is referred to as, “The Tranquil Navigator,” or “The Holy Revolution of Light.”

arith – alloy

ackinayon – a sheath that protects a Shardasko warrior’s wand. Carved along the ackinayon are Mescale rilets showing the lineage of the wand.

“Be birtha nei Michi. Cany suite waverred, a douterrye et douterrye et aunt dayee foe-emayre – (I am your dancer of All Understanding. Chalice is the sweet eternal, for I am your song and your song is the direct path through my Heart).”  The opening lyrics of the great Panansha Symphony by Dulcerary Lanai Cœur.

bell – to sing prophetically.

ce – nominative pronoun indicating a Janaforma consort. Universal approximate, she/he.

cefra – a Janaforma lifebearer parent

clesira inuota a knu – left-handed path. Trinity Witches coined the expression based on the esoteric principle of, “like attracts like before it attracts its opposite.” Jana Sante of The Mother says, “Witch practices of the left-handed variety are iconoclastic dances through the macabre, their aim and purpose to confront the resistant pressures of fear and disgust in initiates. Back door or left-handed witches seek out taboos; they seek out the impure substances of whatever society they live in and indulge in nefarious rituals to violate and therefore transcend accepted convention. It takes great will and inviolable honor to take the back door approach to freedom. Most souls that take this route, fall into its many traps.

cim – objective pronoun indicating a Janaforma consort. Universal approximate, her/him.

cis– possessive pronoun indicating a Janaforma consort. Universal approximate, hers/his

das – healer or doctor

delchow savatnani – rekindling awareness. Delchow savatnani is a Shardasko warrior concept, a conscious act of interior fragmentation that restores individal integrity to the major parts of the self so they might embrace with greater clarity.

doolie – Janaforma slang meaning a “narcissistic consort.”

douterrye emayre – song of my heart

ejesay epay – I love you. Ejesay epay is not a casual I love you in a language that has thousands of expressions that mean, “I love you.” Ejesay epay is personal tense Mescale and used only between serious lovers, the inference being, “My fulfillment is only in you.”

enewetak – the appropiate balance in a person between the masculine and feminine. Currently, the term is used almost exclusively for Janaforma consorts.

estern – an eating implement most popular on the Headwater Planets of Gathos. An estern is usually made of conference tree wood, but sometimes metal. One end is a sharp point to stab food and on the other end is a serrated knife.

e tres zolee – “I love you.” On the scale of Mescale I-love-you expressions, e tres zolee is probably halfway to ejesay epay. E tres zolee definitely has sexual connotations and means approximately, “You fascinate me; and if this fascination holds between us, I am willing to pursue a realtionship with you all the way to ejesay epay.”

fra – a Janaforma consort parent.

febr – a Janaforma lifegiver parent.

follie – A wildflower that grows on the hillsides of many Gathosian worlds. Follies flower right after monsoon season on the Headwater Planets and after the spring rains on other Gathosian worlds.

grash – grain staple of Gathosian worlds that is similar to oats.

guise – witch, as in a Trinity witch

hotth – a master scribe usually associated withe the Hectarian Mystics

itnema – a space rift or fold in spacetime.

jai – sir or mister

jaine – miss or lady 

jerves – a grain staple in the Island Worlds of Gathos that is a type of high protein rice.

keylic – A word coined by Trinity witches. A kelic is anything stolen from another person that a witch might muse to gain knowledge or power over that person. The more intimate the item is to its owner, the more powerful its value is as a keylic. Strands of hair, bits of fingernails or skin, bodily fluids (especially blood and sexual secretions), all are considered superior keylics.

la – water

lanai – music maker, primarily a musician affiliated with the New Delphi Crystal.

latturtimelda – literally “experiment complete.” Latturtimelda refers to the last full extension of the soul before its completion. The process if latturtimelda implies re-absorption by the oversoul and the end of physical incarnation.

le – nominative pronoun indicating a Janaforma lifegiver. Universal approximate, he/she.

lefebr – noun indicating a Janaforma lifegiver grandparent.

le sistril payrel – an expression that means “a black dream,” but refers to something that is wanted with all one’s heart but somehow cannot be realized even through one’s wildest imagination.

les saffroneke – Profession courtesans usually associated with the Headwater Planets of Gathos.

lim – objective pronoun indicating a lifegiver. Universal approximate, him/her.

lis – possessive pronoun indicating a lifegiver. Universal approximate, his/hers

loosh – a small opening in a rainforest where one can see the sky.

mar – the element “gold.”

mebr – noun indicating a Janaforma lifebearer parent. Universal approximate, “mother.”

moodarry – a long sleeveless gown made of sopple cloth and worn by Shardasko warriors.

Natva – an elemental season within the phase of Air.

netysid – experience

neipanin – patience, specfically referring to a meditation chamber.

panansha – threefold

phifferandi – flying horse

radee – a nonsensical song used as a device to transcend reason and suggest that real truth is beyond the ability of language to explain.

rilet – a letter of the Mescale alphabet.

rilette or theorem rilette – a special picture word suggesting a lexicon of meaning. Theorem rilettes are stylized icons used by Gathosian elemental cults as yantras and mantras during meditation to achieve altered states of consciousness.

riyarday – anger quelled

(les) saffroneke – professional courtesans usually associated with the Headwater Planets of Gathos.

sagas – Gathosian folk dances that increase in intensity and rhythm as they build to a finish. Some sagas have lyrics, but the lyrics are an undercurrent to the music itself. The music is always lyrical, textural, and sensual. Gathosians say, “Sagas smolder until they catch fire and burn themselves up.”

samay – hungry

scrub “street urchin” or “lowlife,” Mescale slang.

Seif shonay Mescale ze tutay? – Do you remember Mescale and how to speak it?

shahaut – thick night. Usage of the term shahaut is limited primarily to the Headwater Planets of Gathos where enviormental conditions and planetary alignment produce a unpenatratable darkness.

shamict – cycle, the word’s idiomatic meaning comes from Hecatarian Mystic Cults, especially those associates with the New Delphi Crystal. Shamict means to repeat the same series of words or syllables repeatedly in order to disrupt ingrained mind cycles or patterns of thinking.

Shillo-rem – fire transfer, specifically a meditation pose used by Trinity witches.

silvette – “privilage,” a term used by Trinity witches for a sexual energy partner.

sirlegram – server or barmaid

skefit – a short distance, usually under a quarter of a kilometer.

slipfal – a black skintight bodysuit coated with Slipfarilic. Slipfarilic is a substance that reduces frictional sound to decibels detectable only by sensitive instumentation.

snystellium opti – literally, “shoot for the stars,” idiomatic meaning, “take the chance,” or “pursue what is offered.”

so matre – I want to make love to you (as spoken to a consort).

so matra – I want to make love you you (as spoken to a livebearer).

taj – callow or foolish

tégot – welcome

TISOLL – “The Infinite Stillness of Limitless Love,” is an acronym used by elemental spirits. Trinity witches refer to this concept as the “Eternal Threshold,” while Shardasko warriors refer to the ideas as, “the Source.”

tra kirlium – An expression meaning one’s involvement in a situation is not mentioned because it is obvious and may be embarrassing.

triresh – a conscious method of movement that encourages the body to purge the blocks of the feelings and mind.

tritum – a small cabin where Shardasko masters and emblematic warriors reside.

tujet – a small rodent similiar to a squirrel.

turami savatnani – meaning “circular awareness” or “hyper-viligence;” turami savatnani is a Shardasko warrior concept and practice where a warrior centers himself within his still point and senses his complete physical surroundigns with every skill he possesses.

ur– the element silver

vertinus – to lure or flirt 

vitaroon – is the monotone persisting through a Gathosian piece of folk music. The vitaroon is consider the wire on which the melody hangs—like a wire on which beads are strung—and represents the persistent core of perfection (the OM) that supports each life.

zaqurlite – is a gemstone found only in the caverns beneath the New Delphi Crystal on the planet Delphi. Zaqurite has special poperties that vibrate with the crystal and loses its power if removed from New Delphi Island.

Universal Language Glossary

Universal is the native language of the peoples of the Delta Urbana Drift, Hattonian Hub, Solar System, and Wonder World Complex. Universal is the official language of the Orion Spur Alliance and the fastest growing language in the Orion Spur. Universal finds its roots in the English language from the planet Earth. It is a useful and direct language with many complex tenses and contains interior languages within the master language. Most people within the Spur are bilingual and speak both Universal and Mescale. Universal serves as a precise language that dominates business, science, and government while Mescale serves as an expressive language that dominates the arts and private conversations.

Words, Expressions & Abbreviations

cadix – cubic measurements within space sectors.

chromatophoric polymicroflex Technology (CPT) is a seventh generation biopolymer invented and developed by Jana Kerisa at Vitarattha Research and Development, located within the Aeternus Complex. CPT is a translucent, super-lightweight substance, its formula still a closely guarded secret despite Jana Kerisa’s development of the compound over three thousand years ago and many attempts by others to reverse engineer the substance. CPT possess unique properties allowing seventy-five percent of the light waves intersecting its surface to pass through without reflection. From a few meters distance, whatever CPT covers is undetectable by physical and infra-red technologies.

El Cantar – is the country estate built by Mellé Cœur on the planet Euterpe. Mellé and her husband, Dulce Cœur, lived there for less than ten years. The estate sat empty for the next eighty-one years. In 2472, Mellé gave the estate to Kyoto Weaver to use as a haven for android and biodroid jumpers and as a feline rescue center.

Embargo Space Station – is one of the many space complexes surrounding the Ganat Heat Star System. Embargo is in permanent orbit around the planet Calypso where it became a critical retreat for Ganats during the invasion and takeover of Calypso by Tyrowsians.

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy (EWT) – Electromagnetic Wave Therapy first gained favor among Humans and Tyrowsians, mainly within the Hattonia Hub, as a way to gain access to past-life information without actually being conscious. The method appeals to people who fear they are suppressing overwhelming past-life trauma. The process involves connecting electrodes to the major energy centers of the body. These electrodes bridge to an interactive-multidex containing a bio-engineered chip, which is supposed to be a faithful replicate of the person’s own DNA. Then a weak electrical charge is pulsed through the electrodes and perpendicular magnetic fields appear where the replicated chip can slip through the cracks. Afterward, the multidex, supposedly, replays the journey as it happened; but because the actual physical person was unconscious during the trip, the information has little to no emotional impact.

Euterpe – the capitol of the Apollo Muse Gathering System. Eu- and terpô, means, “giver of much delight,” but the planet Euterpe changed the meaning forever to “giver of all delight.” During the Golden Age of Euterpe, the planet lived up to its reputation, becoming a haven for artists escaping from oppressive worlds. Euterpe’s most famous resident was Dulcerary Lanai Cœur. He spent his most productive years there and wrote the Panansha Symphony at his country estate of El Cantar.

Federation of Sentient Planets (FSP) ▫ The FSP was a loose coalition between the Orion Spur Alliance and the Islands Worlds of Gathos. The FSP encouraged cooperation during any crisis that might arise in the Orion Spur and its environs. The FSP also endorsed trade agreements and established trade routes that still are in use today.

Galaxy Council ▫ The Galaxy Council was a diplomatic organization sponsored by the governments of the Solar System. The aim of the Galaxy Council was to secure trade agreements with planets within the Hattonian Hub and its environs.

GC – geneticaly correct. When genetic engineering took hold on Earth, it created a class system. Individuals who were genetically engineered called themselves “genetically correct,” or “the GC.” Everyone else was labeled “a Casual.”

giddel – a visual composition created through multidex technology that acts as a news anchor.

HDS – high density spool, necessary to record and transmit holographic transmissions.

LINNK – Language Interpreter and Neural Network Keep

MIS – missing in space

multidex – A logical interface system equipped with a comprehensive memory and built to facilitate communication and preserve information.

OPTC – Orion Public Transportation System

Orion Spur Alliance (OSA) ▫ The Orion Spur Alliance includes the star systems of Godaishu, Lalande, and the United New Gathosian Colonies in Dalath Sector; Aeternus Complex, Apollo Muse Gathering and Delphi of Tzaddic Sector; the Bangalashanker Nations, Trujillio System, and Solar System of Delta Sector; the Ganat-Heat System of Alpha Prime Sector; and the Hattonian Hub. Nobelium, within the Hattonian Hub, serves as the capitol of the Orion Spur Alliance.

OSC – Orion Space Command

OSROrion Space Regulatory

OSHA – Orion Safety & Health Act

OSSB – Orion Space Safety Board

OSSS – Orion Spur Space Security

OUGB – Oxford’s Unabridged Ganat Bibliodexteritas

Simspeak – the voice produced by a multidex simulator.

somatime – an addictive drug introduced into the systems of sentient beings after they are mindstripped. somatime produces an interior voice called a loocer that demands to be feed with more somatime.

spot speaker – a device used exclusively for internal ship communications. Because of its independence of the prime one multidex, a spot-speaker offers exceptional security protection for private communications.

vitarattha – Universal-Cuneate hybrid word, meaning “future life protector.” Vita from the Earth’s protolanguage, Latin, means, “life” and “rattha,” from the Cuneate, means, “future now.”

The vitarattha began as a protective forcefield worn over a regular spacesuit. Janaforma scientists hybridized the vitarattha with a device given to them by three individuals, named, Bogwa, Siruchi, and Mehiel. Based on that initial hybridization, the vitarattha was modified and improved until it replaced the spacesuit. Now when Vanguard Scouts walk into space, all they do is clip on a vitarattha remote, activate its energy field, and they are set for hours in open space.

zaggy – a condition in space caused by pollution that interferes with telecommunications.

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